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International Summit Happiness 360

Work design, benefits of a meaningful work

Rosalinda Ballesteros

The people who work spend most of their time at work, find tools for you or your work team to make this an important part of what gives meaning to your life.

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Apply leadership with a Purpose

Montserrat Ventosa

Know through the example of talent processes how you will be able to apply positive leadership principles in each of them.

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Prescription of communication

Neha Sangwan

Practical exercises to improve communication and align health, happiness and serenity in this space: a) say what you want to say b) ensure listening and understanding c) manage conflicts.

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Wellbeing in school: supporting teachers and students

María Elena Garassini

In this workshop you will learn how you can implement Positive Education strategies if you are a teacher or a school planner or manage a learning institute.

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Positive Education, applied perspectives and results

Lindsay Oades

In this workshop you will learn examples from around the world on positive education and the reasons of why these approaches works.

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The art of life with meaning

Emily Esfahani Smith

Performs some exercises to find your sense of belonging, to have a coherent life narrative and a transcendence sense in a practical way.

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Introduction to Mindfulness based on strengths

Masaya Okamoto

Know this way to transform your personal growth experience through focusing on a combination of strengths and mindfulness. You will have basic tools to start your own mindfulness practice

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