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Raj Sisodia


Distinguished professor at Babson College and Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism

PhD in Marketing and Business from Columbia University

Over 500 speeches given around the world.

Advisor to large companies such as AT&T, Nokia, Volvo, IBM, Ernst & Young and McDonalds.

Over 100 academic articles and ten books.

One bestseller: “Everybody matters”, awarded best book in Leadership and Management in 2015

Co-author of the book: “Conscious Capitalism”, a philosophy that promotes cultures based on trust, transparency and solidarity

Neha Sangwan


CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence

Has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from the State University of New York

Her consultancy focuses on training people, leaders of organisations and their teams

Developed the i-Five experience, a programme to improve communication, reduce stress and develop collaboration for the leaders of organisations, their teams and health professionals.

TEDx Berkley and TEDx San Luis Obispo speaker

Has given talks to the American Heart Association, American Express, Google, Facebook, Ebay and ABC News.

Author of books such as TalkRx: Five steps to honest conversations that create connection, health and happiness.

Simón Cohen


Founding member of Henco Global and Chairman of the Board of the WPO

Studied at Harvard Business School and the Adizes Institute

London Business School recognised him as a prominent entrepreneur in 2010

Member and advisor to various national and international companies

For seven consecutive years, his company Henco Global has been considered the Best Logistics Company to work for in Mexico by the Great Place to Work institute.

Speaker at various conferences of renowned universities in Mexico and abroad (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, LBS, MIT, Harvard, USC, etc.)

London Business School carried out a case study on his strategic business skills, which forms part of the Master’s programme at the university, considered by the Financial Times to be one of the best in the world for its MBA.

Ernst & Young named him Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 and 2014.

His life philosophy: “There’s no real success without happiness. And to be happy, it's enough to just be happy”.

Emily Esfahani Smith


US author and journalist

Studied philosophy at Dartmouth College

Has a Master’s in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

Editor of the Hoover research institute at Stanford University

Columnist for the New Criterion

Writer of the bestseller “Crafting a life that matters”

International speaker

Gave a TED talk in 2017, called “There’s more to life than being happy” which was viewed by 7 million people

Believes that happiness gives our existence meaning

Rosalinda Ballesteros


Director of the Institute of Happiness Sciences at the Universidad Tecmilenio

Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

20 years of experience teaching and leading teams

Academic advisor at peace organisations, such as “La Paz Comienza con los Niños” (peace begins with the children) in Mexico and “Education for Peace International”

Developed a handbook for identifying post-trauma growth for instructors of programmes for reintegrating child soldiers into their villages in post-conflict areas in Africa.

Certified in Appreciative Inquiry by the Case Western Reserve University and in Mindfulness-based stress reduction by the Instituto de Bienestar Integral

Guest writer for Forbes Latin America

Guest writer for Forbes Latin America

Meaning of life: To be a compass, guiding others towards knowledge in order to develop the best version of themselves as people.

Lindsay Oades


Director of the University of Melbourne Centre for Positive Psychology.

Has an MBA and a Ph D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wollongong.

Has written over 100 articles related to coaching and wellbeing Wrote the books: “Wellbeing, recovery and mental health” and “The handbook of the psychology of positivity and strengths-based approaches at work”.

His research fields are the applications of wellbeing in the workplace, health and educational systems

He developed organisational intervention and development programmes to help the mental health services to focus more on recovery

He received the prize from the Vice-chancellor for excellence in research commercialisation in 2015

Co-editor of the International Journal of Wellbeing

Formed part of the scientific advisory panel for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard University for four years

Is on the Collaborative Wellbeing Leadership team for the Mental Health Centre of NSW (New South Wales)

Believes that wellbeing concerns us all

Ma. Elena Garassini

Ma. Elena

Was the director of the Positive Psychology School at the Universidad Metropolitana

Doctorate in Psychology and Education from the University of Seville

National and international consultant to companies in the field of organisational wellbeing

Took part in talks and workshops at organisations such as Coca Cola, Pfizer, Novartis and Procter and Gamble

Represented Venezuela at the Ibero-American Network of Positive Psychology and the Positive Psychology Network

Co-author of five books

Has worked in various contexts, such as the new theories of positive psychology and how they move closer to living more peacefully with ourselves and therefore with society.

Montserrat Ventosa


National director for Talent, Culture and Experience at the Universidad Tecmilenio

MBA from the Hult International Business School

Expert in the fields of Organisational Psychology and Gestalt Psychology

Considered to be one of the top 100 women leaders in Spain, in the category of Thinkers and Experts according to Mujeres & Cía

Gave classes at CETT, ESADE, EAE Ostelea and at the Garrigues Study Centre (Spain)

-Was president for promoting diversity, innovation and growth at the TruthMark Foundation

Notable for her performance as Human Resources Director at Inditex and CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute

Founded her consultancy Grooooow 10 years ago, which specialises in creating positive experiences of change in organisations

Meaning of life: “Create a better world for ourselves and our children to live in by transforming workplaces into positive ecosystems where people flourish by breaking paradigms with positive leaders”.

Luis Gutiérrez


Academic Vice-rector at the Universidad Tecmilenio

Master’s in Administration and Doctorate in Educational Technology and Innovation from the Tecnológico de Monterrey

Certified by Harvard University

Academic Vice-rector at the Universidad Tecmilenio since 2011

Presenter, panellist and speaker at international summits in Mexico, the United States, Canada and Australia

Represented Mexico at the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) and member of the International Network on Personal Meaning since 2015

Invited by the government of the United Arab Emirates to the World Government Summit and to the Global Dialogue for Happiness in Dubai in 2018

Instructor of companies, teaches topics related to leadership, teamwork, communication and organisational change, as well as creativity and innovation

Meaning of life: “Motivated and inspired every day to transform Mexico through education”

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Work design, benefits of a meaningful work

Rosalinda Ballesteros

The people who work spend most of their time at work, find tools for you or your work team to make this an important part of what gives meaning to your life.

Prescription of communication

Neha Sangwan

Practical exercises to improve communication and align health, happiness and serenity in this space:
a) say what you want to say
b) ensure listening and understanding
c) manage conflicts.

Positive Education, applied perspectives and results

Lindsay Oades

In this workshop you will learn examples from around the world on positive education and the reasons of why these approaches works.

Introduction to Mindfulness based on strengths

Masaya Okamoto

Know this way to transform your personal growth experience through focusing on a combination of strengths and mindfulness. You will have basic tools to start your own mindfulness practice.

Apply leadership with a Purpose

Montserrat Ventosa

Know through the example of talent processes how you will be able to apply positive leadership principles in each of them.

Wellbeing in school: supporting teachers and students

María Elena Garassini

-In this workshop you will learn how you can implement Positive Education strategies if you are a teacher or a school planner or manage a learning institute.

The art of life with meaning

Emily Esfahani Smith

Performs some exercises to find your sense of belonging, to have a coherent life narrative and a transcendence sense in a practical way.

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